Meet new people in your neighbourhood!

If asked, most refugees will tell you that they felt incredibly welcome when they first arrived in the Netherlands. Despite the difficult circumstances they experienced during their sometimes months-long stay in emergency shelters or in refugee centers, helpful locals were always available to pitch in.

Many refugees now have received a residency permit and have been allocated housing. Truly a moment they have longed for. However, it is not always smooth sailing. Getting in touch with locals in their neighbourhoods isn’t always easy, even though that is exactly what they need.

Having people around to show you the ropes or to speak Dutch with is vital when it comes to succesfull integration.


We know that there are many Amsterdam citizens who want to help- in some way or other - but do not know how or where to start.

If you are one of those people, IMBY can help you get in touch with newcomers in your neighbourhood. Because it is necessary and fun! Because it is important for all of us that they become an integral part of our society and city.

You can also join if you have limited time available. IMBY sets up groups of newcomers and neighbours. There are families, couples, singles, young and old people. Each group decides what it is they would like to do.  Some groups organise bi-weekly dinners, other communicate via WhatsApp and get together on a one-on-one basis.

What can I do to help?

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